For Parents

Parents are an important part of CYIA! We realize that you may have questions about your student’s involvement in the program. Below are helpful resources for you.


Outside of training for 5 day clubs and Camp Good News, what kind of spiritual instruction will my teenager receive?  At CYIA camp, our schedule provides many opportunities for spiritual growth.  Our mornings feature chapel.  Challenging messages are given on their Bible stories that they teach the children.  We believe that when a Bible story has meant something to your Christian walk that you will be much more likely to be passionate about teaching the story to the children.  Evenings feature spiritual development sessions around the theme for the summer.  Each session features a time of worship through music followed by separate devotions for boys and girls.  Finally at training camp, teens learn the discipline of prayer as we set aside a half a day for prayer.

During the summer, challenging devotions based on a book of the Bible are given each day.

What kinds of ministry skills does will my teenager learn and practice during their time at CYIA?  Teenagers will be thoroughly trained in storytelling for children, how to share the gospel for kids through the wordless book,  how to place the gospel into a Bible story, how to effectively teach children a memory verse, how to have good club management skills, how to lead songs and games, how to counsel children, and much more.

How much supervision does my teenager have?  At CYIA training camp, about 10 local/state directors and about 8 college-aged interns all assist with supervision.  During a week of 5 day club, supervision is provided by the 5 day club hosts, college-aged interns, and the local director.  Team leaders, who are older high school students, provide supervision for each team as they go to club.  At Camp Good News, college aged program directors and counselors provide supervision as well as the local director or his representative.

How does transportation work?  For 5 Day Clubs, parents or teenagers are responsible to have a ride to the central meeting place at 9:30 AM. We provide all the rides to the clubs.  After the last club in the evening, parents or teenagers are responsible to get a ride home.  On occasion, CYIA’ers are dropped off at home if the club happens to be nearby.  Moreover, if the last club is a long distance away (such as Barnesville), they are dropped off at a central meeting place from which you would need a ride home.

For Camp Good News, parents or teenagers are responsible to arrive at the camp site at 8:30 AM and pick them up at 4:15 PM (unless working before or after care).

For 5 Day Clubs, how do the students get from club to club?  Do I or my child need to help with driving from club to club for my child to be involved?  No, you do not need to provide a ride from club to club. Occasionally, we do ask parents to help with driving on a volunteer basis if it works in their schedule.  If you were to volunteer, driving times are approximately 10:00 AM, 11:45 AM, or  2:30 PM.

For more answers to questions such as what does the daily schedule look like, check our student FAQ page to see if we’ve already answered your questions.

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CYIA staff are available to meet with prospective and first-year students and their parents. To arrange an informal meeting with a staff person, please contact us.

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