Prayer Requests

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February and March 2017 Prayer calendars

April 2017

1-Pray as we look for a 5 Day Club Assistant Director

2-Pray that God will provide all the summer staff that is needed and that they would have a passion for kids.

3-Pray for the kids who will come to Camp to get to know Jesus in a real, personal way.

4-Praise God for all the churches who are spreading the word about Day Camp.

5- Pray that God will bless Bethel Church for hosting Day Camp.

6-Pray that God will provide everything we need to run an effective, fun, and safe Day Camp.

7-Praise God for all the teachers and helpers who showed Jesus’ love to boys and girls and Good News Club this year.

8-Pray that God will bless the GNC that is beginning at Ellen Hopkins Elementary.

9-Pray that the kids who came to GNC will continue to remember that Jesus loves them.

10-Thank God for the great turnout for the end of the year GNC party!

11-Pray that God would draw kids to Himself and open their hearts to His Truth.

12-Pray that we would be open to God’s direction for our ministry.

13-Praise God for all the volunteers who serve our ministry so faithfully.

14-Praise God for all the kids that came to Good News Club and heard the Gospel.

15-Pray for the staff around the state to have wisdom and to hear from God as they plan for ministry.

16- Pray that God would provide good weather and a good turnout to our booth at Midwest Kids Fest.

17- Pray for the CYIAers (Christian Youth in Action staff) to have joy and excitement as they lead 5 Day Clubs and camp this summer.

18-Pray that God would give the CYIAers a passion for leading kids to Him.

19-Pray that many teens would be obedient and answer God’s call on their lives.

20-Praise God for the ability to meet in public places & worship Him.

21-Pray that CYIAers’ families would support their desire to serve God.

22-Pray that God would protect and bless the CYIAers.

23- Pray that God would use us in a mighty way to make Him known in our community.

24-Praise God for board member Laurie and her faithful service.

25-Praise God for board member Cindy and her faithful service.

26-Praise God for board member Dave and his faithful service.

27-Praise God for board member Lenny and his faithful service.

28-Praise God for board member Tonya and her faithful service.

29-Praise God for board member Ron and his faithful service.

30-Praise God for board member Carl and his faithful service.

May 2017

1-Pray for CEF chapters around the country to be drawing kids to Jesus.

2-Pray for State Director, Todd, to have wisdom and to hear from God.

3-Pray for the CEF Chapters in North Dakota to make a difference in the state.

4- Pray for Director, Doug, to have clear vision and energy for the summer.

5-Pray for Director of Advancement, Shari, to have wisdom and clear vision.

6-Pray that kids will want to invite their friends to come with them to Day Camp.

7-Pray for the Day Camp staff to shine for Jesus in all that they do.

8-Pray that God will be glorified through the Day Camp program.

9-Pray for Camp Program Director, Zack, to have wisdom as he serves.

10- Thank God for His many blessings in our lives.

11-Praise God for providing for our needs for the Day Camp.

12-Pray that God would be glorified at our Ministry Briefing Dinner.

13-Pray for the CYIAers when they go to training to learn how to tell kids about Jesus.

14-Praise God for teens that want to spend their summer teaching kids about Him.

15-Pray for the kids who will come to a 5 Day club to hear about Jesus as their Savior.

16-Pray God would open many daycares to host a 5 Day Club.

17-Praise God for providing hostesses who want to open their homes and invite kids to 5 Day Clubs.

18-Ask God to speak clearly through us.

19-Pray for many kids who came to Good News Clubs to come to one of our summer programs, so we might keep in touch with them.

20-Pray for a fruitful training day with our CYIA students.

21-Pray that God will raise up many hostesses who have a heart to reach their neighborhood.

22-Pray that we will have sensitivity as we minister to other cultures.

23-Praise God for the kids that will come to know Him this summer.

24-Pray for the CYIAers who will lead 5 Day Clubs this summer.

25-Pray for safety for everyone throughout the summer in all of our activities.

26-Pray that God will provide the people we need for summer ministry programs.

27- Pray for the kids who will come to our Day Camp to hear about Jesus as their Savior.

28- Pray that our Board members would have wisdom and direction.

29- Thankyou God for all of those who have served in protecting this Nation.

30-Thank God for sending His Son to die for us and to pay the penalty for our sins.

31-Pray that the kids will remember Jesus’ love for them.