Prayer Requests

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Newsletter Dec Jan

Newsletter Feb March 2018 second

To download a copy of our prayer calendar, click below:

February and March 2018 prayer calendar

February 2018

1-Pray for direction as we plan our summer programs.

2-Pray that we can reach many kids this summer.

3-Pray for Camp Good News and our summer programming.

4-Pray that many hosts/hostesses will want to have a 5 Day club.

5- Pray for the other Christian charities we are partnering with for Giving Hearts Day that they would be blessed.

6-Praise God for drawing us to Him so that we can know Him.

7- Pray that God would help us be good stewards of our finances.

8- Giving Hearts Day. Pray for great support from many friends of the ministry and also for new donors to come aboard.

9- Praise God for how He works in our lives.

10-Praise God for all the volunteers and helpers in our ministry.

11-Praise God for a great Giving Hearts Day and all the generous donors.

12- Pray that God would raise up CYIAers who have a love for the Lord and for children who will be excited to serve this summer.

13-Thank God for His financial provision.

14- Praise God for GNC teacher Betty and her heart to teach children.

15-Praise God for GNC teacher Becky and her faithful service.

16-Praise God for GNC teacher Bethany and her faithful service.

17-Praise God for GNC teacher Jonas and his faithful service.

18-Praise God for new GNC teacher Zack and his desire to serve.

19-Praise God for GNC teacher Doug and his faithful service.

20-Praise God for GNC teacher Ruth and her faithful service.

21-Praise God for GNC teacher Kody and his faithful service.

22-Praise God for GNC teacher Mackenzie and her faithful service.

23-Praise God for GNC teacher Marcia and her faithful service.

24-Praise God for GNC teacher Pam and her faithful service.

25-Praise God for GNC teacher Susy and her faithful service.

26-Praise God for GNC teacher Lora and her faithful service.

27-Praise God for all of the GNC helpers and their faithful service.

28-Pray that God would bless all the people who give of their time and resources as they serve CEF.


March 2018

1-Praise God for Board member Lora and her passion for kids.

2-Praise God for Board member Al and his passion for kids.

3-Praise God for Board member Lenny and his passion for kids.

4- Praise God for Board member Tonya and her passion for kids.

5-Praise God for Board member Ron and his passion for kids.

6- Praise God for Board member Dave and his passion for kids.

7- Pray for Director Doug to have clear vision and energy to serve.

8- Pray for Director of Advancement Shari to connect with donors and volunteers to the ministry.

9- Pray for Ministry Coordinator Zack to connect with teen to help work this summer.

10- Pray for State Director Todd to serve with wisdom and faithfulness.

11- Pray for Assistant Director, Ben, to have joy and love for the Lord as he serves.

12- For God to provide teachers to start GNC at Osgood K-1 Center, Lodeon K Center, and Willow Park.

13- Pray for more volunteers to help with GNC.

14- Pray for the GNC at Roosevelt/Horace Mann to grow and draw many kids.

15- Pray for the GNC at McKinley to be vibrant and active.

16- Pray for the kids at GNC at Horace to shine for Jesus.

17-Pray for the Aurora/Freedom GNC to shine Jesus love in the school.

18- Pray for teachers to start GNC at Brooks Harbor, Ellen Hopkins, Harwood, and Independence.

19-Thank God for the kids who are coming to GNC at Centennial.

20-Pray that God will provide for a GNC at Jefferson, Legacy, Lincoln and Dilworth.

21-Thank God for the GNC at Clara Barton/Hawthorne.

22-Thank for God to providing for a GNC at Downtown West Fargo.

23-Pray for the kids at schools where we don’t have a GNC.

24-Pray that many kids would come to know Jesus at GNC at Bennett.

25-Pray for God to draw many kids to Him at GNC at Horace.

26-Praise God for all the kids He is drawing to GNC at Ed Clapp.

27-Pray for kids’ lives to be changed at the new GNC at Lewis and Clark.

28-Pray the kids at GNC at Madison will trust God for their needs.

29-Pray that the kids will remember Jesus’ love for them.

30-Pray for the kids at Reinertson and Robert Asp GNC to grow in a relationship with God.

31-Pray that God will help children at GNC at Longfellow to understand Him and His ways.